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Raag Kirtan Events

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Throughout the year we host online and in-person raag Kirtan events for our student community and the public.

We look forward to meeting you at one of our Kirtan events. If you wish to request our team for camps, workshops, anand karaj, talks or kirtan programs please reach out to us by completing our events form here.

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Upcoming Events

How to create harmony in life using Raag Kirtan?


Harmony vs Chaos? On Sunday 28th April, Professor Surinder Singh will share for the first time, about how he went about creating harmony amidst the traumatic events he faced, and what role raag kirtan played, and how you can use it too.

We tend to think, when will our problems be over??

One concern we hear from newcomers into the world of kirtan, is that the problem is too stressful to think about, and they feel they are all alone. We've all at one point, yearned for more calmness, peace and harmony.

On this online webinar with Professor Surinder Singh, discover key steps on how to use raag kirtan to carry you through life’s challenges, to clear the fog of uncertainty and worries, and allow us to see a clear path to take ahead with confidence.

 2-Day Online Kirtan Camp "Become Fearless"


Professor Surinder Singh, Yogi of Sound, brings you a special topic to share with you this July.

Save the dates: 27th July - 28th July 2024.

Stay tuned to our Eventbrite page for the first announcement and when tickets go live.

 Student-Only Annual Retreat 2024


with Professor Surinder Singh, Yogi of Sound this August 2024.

Each year, we head out to a beautiful remote location to spend 7 incredible days immersed in growing and tuning our psyche and emotions to the best version of ourselves.

This year, explore how to "Become" the best expression of yourself through becoming the naad.

Open to students & graduates only across all Raj Academy courses. Please see your inbox for your invitation details.

Featured Events

See our milestone and annual events below.


Unveiling of Blue Plaque


Unveiling of the English Heritage Blue Plaque to Princess Sophia Duleep Singh. What a moment, and to share raag Kirtan at the celebratory reception.

 Hampton Court Palace.


Mere Mun Album


Mere Mun is the first of its kind album compiled together of Shabad Kirtan sung in each of the various different Raags from within the Sikh Scripture using Sikh string instruments.

Compiled to enhance the listener's inner dialogue and understanding to their emotional state so they may live as the true expression of themselves. ⁠The album plays a significant role in our Raj Academy online courses as an invaluable resource for emotional awareness and creating a balanced life. Discover and listen to the album here.

The album received a nomination from the Guinness World Records for being the first compilation to contain 59 tracks composed, produced, sung, and performed by one individual. Watch the first interview on the Mere Mun Album.


Smithsonian Folklife Festival 2023

 As part of the Smithsonian Folklife Festival 2023, a number of events were held over 4 days dedicated towards the sacred sounds of Sikh Music and how it can support insomnia and memory loss. Watch one of the concerts "Mantra - A Sound Solution" from Yogi of Sound Professor Surinder Singh live at the Kennedy Center, Washington, DC. below.

Date: 6th - 9th July 2023

Location: National Mall, Washington D.C

Past Events



Dukh Bhanjan 2023

Dedicate time to singing the song of your soul. Recharge your mind, body and soul throughout the night with healing Sikh mantr meditation.

Thanks for @kirtanfi for the collaboration in producing high-res media content.



Mantra of Bliss Workshop

In a world filled with stress and distractions, it's easy to lose touch with your inner joy. We slip into stress, being stuck in a rut and unmotivated. Even when our destination may seem clear to us but it takes us weeks or even months to get out of these situations.

What if you had a faster route to help you? That could cut the chains of feeling numb, unmotivated, stressed and in a rut.

Annual Events


Dukh Bhanjan


An evening dedicated to non-stop 'Vaheguru' Simran in Raag using Sikh string instruments to evoke and send out positive healing, peace and love back into our bodies and the world.

Chant the sacred mantra 'Vaheguru' using deep focus and meditation. Allow yourselves to feel these sacred sounds resonating throughout you and the atmosphere to leave a ripple effect for days to come. 

Duration: 6 hours

FREE and open to all to attend.

Listen to some past recordings below and learn more all there is to about our annual event "Dukh Bhanjan".


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"In Sangat is where one flourishes."



"Professor Surinder has changed the face of our future with his great contribution and hard work in the community to revive and maintain Sikh heritage, we wish him further success for all his upcoming projects."

- Dr. Garcha

"I had no idea that this type of music existed, nor that my forefathers were so musically gifted."

- Akashdeep

"Thank you so much for such a lovely evening! I feel so much lighter and brighter and can still hear the kirtan"

- Naila

"Absolutely Stunning performance. Will give anyone goosebumps."

- Dalvinder

"This was amazing! You really planted the seed in my head to learn the Dilruba! I don't know why but I'm drawn to it now after seeing you all yesterday."

- Simran

"I am more conscious of my emotions and how to gain another perspective on them. Sikh Music helps me understand better how to use my emotions rather than allowing them to take over my emotional state."

- Prabhnoor

"Sikh Music is a way for me to understand myself and connect to myself. It allows me to understand my potential and capacity better."

- Brahmbind

"Amazing and soul churning compositions. I was uplifted to a meditational state never experiencd before. Could feel the divine presence as if taken to Guru babag' s darbar. Shukar hai Shukar hai parwardigaar k saade panth vich aje v ese rattan present ne. Would luv to learn to play the instrument. Will get in touch soon."

- D.

"Wish I could loop this and just listen for hours.... thank you!"

- Surinder C.

"How soothing and soul-touching shabad."

- Sarabjit S.

"I feel so peaceful the first time I heard this rag, it looks as if I was transported to a superior realm and I lost the notion of time and space. Music that connects you to the Divine..."

- Sarah

"Absolutely mesmerizing!! The ultimate food for the soul!! May Waheguruji bless you all!"

- Bhupinder

"Prof Surinder Singh ji is a musician and a singer of a unique and par excellence quality. He has established himself way ahead from other Gurbani singers and musicians. I have listened to almost all his presentations. Majority of them are masterpieces. Gobinday Mukanday has been sung very sweetly and is just mesmerizing and connects you to the Lord Master. It's just another great contribution to mankind by Prof Surinder Singh ji."

- KJS Bhogal

"Have been listening to your collection of Raag-based shabad for all these years. It gives my mind the ultimate solace. Never been hooked better than this. God has shown through you the correct way of singing shabads well forgotten by the Sikh religion. This is Meditative bliss. You are blessed to sing Raag Adharit shabad by the Gurus. I must say you are very well forwarding the invaluable Sewa through Raj conservative project in Europe."

- Sunny

"You are truly blessed having listened to this vibrating musical melody throughout creation also in the present of lord house suchkhand hand of God upon your head will always be guiding you, may I take blessings from you and now to our lord vibrating musical instruments in infinite realities Lord bless you all."

- M. Pal

"This video just popped up just scrolling and I couldn't stop and watched till end in single posture. I cried, felt ecstatic, meditative, reverence to Guru Gobind Singh about whom I learnt other than just sacrificing his all He was such a great poet. Thanks to each performer I heard it on youtube (thanks for this wonderful recording) cannot even imagine what it could mean to hear live. Great way to end Har Har - May Guru take away sufferings of all. A good deal of time is going to get invested in going through other Videos of Professor Surinder Singh."

- Dherminder M.

"The words of yogi ji are straight to heart and effect as deep wound of unconditional love"

- Arvinder

"Thank You, For this beautiful Feeling that I am going through at this moment."

- Sukhpreet

"Very informative for new generations good presentations look forward to see more programmes like this thank all of you made good effort thank you all of you once again from UK."

- Charanjit

"Wow...Prof Sahib..what an experience! thanks a million (infinite). Bless your heart and soul, and of course your entire Jatha."

- K. Sandhu

Enhancing Connections

At Raj Academy, we believe in enhancing connections be it spiritually, mentally, physically or emotionally. It's through these special connections we gain the secrets to know ourselves on a deeper level. As the world's leading educational institution for Sikh Music to heal the mind, our mission is to inspire, empower and connect people to themselves through sound.

Learn more about Raj Academy here.

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