Dukh Bhanjan


Heal through sacred sounds from Sikh Music by pouring into your heart and sending out this higher consciousness and energy to the world around us.

Dukh Bhanjan is our annual event where each year we collectively join to meditate on a mantra from the Sikh scripture throughout the night sung in different raags, moods, to evoke and send out positive healing, peace and love back into our bodies and the world.


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November 2023




Sat 11th November 2023

6pm - 12 midnight GMT

Karamsar Gurdwara, Ilford London, IG1 1TW



Fri 17th November 2023

4pm - 5pm EST

Raj Academy YouTube




Sat 25th November 2023

8pm - 6am CET

Nanak Chak, Finca Can Crespi s/n 08389, Sant Genis, Palafolls

Why Dukh Bhanjan?


Strengthen healing, oneness and peace into your mind and body at this all-night 'Vaheguru' mantr meditation event.
Due to our busy routines, stresses and everyday challenges, we tend to forget about our precious higher connection; we lose ourselves and get stuck in our worries, hardships and sufferings.
That's why Dukh Bhanjan is designed to guide you to break through this vicious cycle by allowing you to take a deep breath, to centre and ground yourself in a meditative safe place, so you can let go of old patterns and release the weight of tension that your shoulders carry.
Each year, we come together to recharge so we can return to our daily lives and duties with confidence, clarity and joy.
Through this global meditation, we hope to create collective healing - sending positivity, peace, and love back into the world.⁠


Healing therapeutic sounds


We sing the sacred mantra 'Vaheguru' in deep focus and meditation to reprogram the vibrations of your body, mind and soul, creating a profound healing response using sacred Sikh raag sounds and Sikh string instruments.

Each of our sacred sounds is specifically composed using the ancient framework from Sikh Music to bridge a specific emotional connection and conversation between the mind, body and soul. Amazing right!? As the leading charity and global institute for healing through Sikh Music, it's our vision to see individuals equipped with tangible tools to overcome emotional and mental challenges and struggles easily.

Learn how raag Kirtan can improve your well-being with our mini-experience.

Allow yourselves to feel these sacred sounds resonating throughout you and the atmosphere to leave a ripple effect for days to come.

FREE and open to all, we look forward to seeing you one of our events.


A Tree Event


Although it may seem like a free event, but Dukh Bhanjan is our tree event.

We invite everyone who attends to give back to Mother Nature by planting a tree in gratitude. 

We’re dedicated to planting trees as our way of continuously giving back for the seasoned wood made for string instruments.


Tree Planting


Show your appreciation for Mother Nature and tag us in your photo. If you have a tree event in your city, please feel free to share it with us, to pass on to our students and network, and if feasible we would love to be part of it!

Past Events


Dukh Bhanjan 2022


Dedicating time to singing the song of our soul. Thank you to all the wonderful teachers, students and supportive family members and Sangat who made Dukh Bhanjan 2022 a beautiful, rejuvenating space to be part of. 

Thanks for @kirtanfi for the collaboration in producing high-res media content.


Dukh Bhanjan 2021


Listen to recording at Sri Guru Singh Sabha, Southall London UK, Raag Suhee, Raag Dhanasri and Raag Asa.


Waheguru Simran in Raag Dhanasri, go beyond the logical mind and feel a deep knowing that you are indeed supported by a higher power.


Waheguru Mantr in Raag Asa, dissolve the worries of the mind and take on the can-do attitude and the determination to keep going.

DUKH BHANJAN 2018, Germany

Waheguru Simran in Raag Bilaval, drown away the noise from the outside world and slip into true bliss of realising all things can be surprisingly beautiful.


2021 PTC Coverage of Dukh Bhanjan in Southall London UK

"In Sangat is where one flourishes."



"Precious night, a deep inspirational experience, thank you Professor ji."

- Anna

"Still in admiration of the night/ morning. A magical time filled with meditation, simran, raag and I'm still feeling the energy & vibration from it now."

- Harpreet

"I had no idea that this type of music existed, nor that my forefathers were so musically gifted."

- Akashdeep

"Thank you for arranging this. It was such a heavenly night. All my favourite things in one, Raag, classical instruments, simran and singing."

- Kirandeesh

"Thank you for an amazing experience on Saturday evening which I managed to stay with throughout and a huge thank you for all your energies, commitment and spiritual love at the Dukh Bhanjan event."

- Apinder

"Thank you Professor Ji for this deep, healthy and beautiful experience... Just waiting for the next year."

- Manjeet

"Last night simran was awesome!"

- Isher Singh

"Wish I could loop this and just listen for hours.... thank you!"

- Surinder C.

"How soothing and soul-touching shabad."

- Sarabjit S.

"Wow...Prof Sahib..what an experience! thanks a million (infinite). Bless your heart and soul, and of course your entire Jatha."

- K. Sandhu

"Have been listening to your collection of Raag-based shabad for all these years. It gives my mind the ultimate solace. Never been hooked better than this. God has shown through you the correct way of singing shabads well forgotten by the Sikh religion. This is Meditative bliss. You are blessed to sing Raag Adharit shabad by the Gurus. I must say you are very well forwarding the invaluable Sewa through Raj conservative project in Europe."

- Sunny

"Thank you for such a lovely evening! I feel so much lighter and brighter and can still hear the Kirtan."

- Nalia

"I feel so peaceful the first time I heard this rag, it looks as if I was transported to a superior realm and I lost the notion of time and space. Music that connects you to the Divine..."

- Sarah

"This was amazing! You really planted the seed in my head to learn the Dilruba! I don't know why but I'm drawn to it now after seeing you all yesterday."

- Simran

"You are truly blessed having listened to this vibrating musical melody throughout creation also in the present of lord house suchkhand hand of God upon your head will always be guiding you, may I take blessings from you and now to our lord vibrating musical instruments in infinite realities Lord bless you all."

- M. Pal

Enhancing Connections

At Raj Academy, we believe in enhancing connections be it spiritually, mentally, physically or emotionally. It's through these special connections we gain the secrets to know ourselves on a deeper level. As the world's leading educational institution for Sikh Music to heal the mind, our mission is to inspire, empower and connect people to themselves through sound.

Learn more about Raj Academy here.

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