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Looking for posters and infographics to share on? See below


Sikh String Instrument pack

Download a free pack on the Sikh string instruments containing insights and fun facts for your school or community.

Sikh Music for the Mind

Top Sikh Music for the Mind steps to support you installing harmony and clarity.

Simran meditation 6mins

Download a 6min live simran meditation by Yogi of Sound Professor Surinder Singh.

Completely new here and not sure where to start?

We've got you. Have a listen to our top meditative videos to feel the different sounds and sensations you experience.

Is it like anything you have heard before?


Top Meditative Videos for relaxing mental stress and tension in the body

Have you been wondering 'how does it work?'





How is it that some sounds, naad, you listen to move you completely in your skin, make you cry or feel so light and content? Discover what sounds are doing what for the mind and body below.



Basics of Sikh Music: free mini-experience

Learn the key elements in Sikh Music (Sikh Kirtan) that make it so powerful and how can we connect up to this power. Take the free mini-experience to learn how.

Level: Beginner

Structure: 3 steps
·      How does Sikh Music work?
·      How to live singing the song of your soul?
·      In action - 2 raag tools to build daily habits
Duration: 30mins


"Beyond expectations. I am grateful for this true wisdom and teachings."


"Very informative and well organized learning pack."


"Great work by the academy on kirtan."

Why a Dilruba?


String instruments have a profound effect on the mind, ones coordination, but also on the attitude and behaviour as learners discover higher concentration levels, calmness, focus and excitement.



Top 5 steps on how to play the Dilruba

Discover the Dilruba - also known as the 'heartstealer'!

Learn the top 5 steps in this video:
1. How to sit comfortably with the Dilruba?
2. How to hold your instrument bow?
3. Where to place your fingers?
4. How to play the sargam (scale)?
5. What accessories does a dilruba player need?

Interesting fact: the Dilruba is the easiest instrument to learn within 5mins

How to create a sound lifestyle

Importance of string instruments

Learn what makes us resonate with the sound of string instruments and what ones were used in the court of the Sikh masters here.

"Life is an opportunity to become one with ourselves."


"The Shabads written by the Gurus can show a variety of feelings and emotions such as happiness, sadness, joy, and pain through raags. Shabads are examples and messages for our mind and soul to work together to connect with the bani. Kirtan has a power that spoken words cannot convey."

- Harpreet K. Mann

"This bridged the gap between the kirtan I learned growing up as a child, and the raag teachings of the Guru Granth Sahib Ji. It's eye opening to learn the connections between our journey as Sikhs to reaching naam, and the way kirtan elevates and enhances that pathway."

- Manpreet

"I find intriguing the aspect of using music to have a conversation between mind and soul. vibration (music) is life. thse are gifts for all of humanity to grow, find peace and be happy."

- Kevin

"I found it interesting that our gurus used these instruments for kirtan and these are made for well being of humanity and I am amazed and want to feel Sikh music which belongs to our Gurus."

- Gurpreet Kaur

"The role that Sikh music plays in our existence is interesting. It is a tool that allows us to communicate our mind with our soul, and once we can be aware of their dialogue, we can come to an agreement between them. Thus, Sikh music can bring us inner balance, inner peace and harmony. What else do we need to live this life successfully?"

- Julia M.

"I LOVED the Kirtan, it just transported me somewhere beautiful. The Sabads are like tools, lessons and examples, of how the mind and soul communicate with one another. I never even considered this dialogue exists, yet alone see the examples within Sabads.
so this will be an interesting angle to explore for me. I have been connecting with a tiny fraction of Raj Academy’s amazing work, so was aware that Raags relate to moods, and this I find fascinating and really love to learn more."

- Kirandeep Kaur C.


Where are the lessons held?

All our lessons are online pre-recorded to enable learners to re-watch again and again as they please so they don't have to worry about making so many notes or missing out on information.

I have never played a string instrument before; how will I be supported?

You are in great care! Our Student Support Team is here to guide you every step of the way, from the point of registration to comfortably getting you started and familiarised with the online learning platform, Webschool. We will take you through step-by-step on how to hold, sit, tune and play the Dilruba in the most easiest way possible. 90% of our students now playing the Dilruba were once been in your shoes as complete beginners and have progressed through with ease.

Do I need to know about Sikhi or gurbani to start out?

No previous know-how is required because our course is built specifically to guide learners with all the terms and how-tos in the most simplistic and enjoyable way.

Is there an age restriction to learn?

No, this something we really admire and advocate. We firmly believe Kirtan or Sikh Music is for everyone no matter their age, background, know-how, gender, beliefs or location. We have students learning from the age of 8-years-old to 65-years-old all pursuing their own personal connection without any restrictions or limitations.

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