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"Aartee - An Anthem for the Universe" was released in November 2022 on Guru Nanak Sahib's birthday. Rabindranath Tagore once referred to Aartee as "an anthem for the universe." Its timeless message inspires us to appreciate the beauty of life in a deep embrace of trust. The title Raag is Dhanasri, a melody that frees us from all fears and drenches our consciousness with a deep-rooted sense of belief, confidence and love.

Watch the official video release on @rajacademy YouTube.


Hard copies


Mere Mun Album - Full Hardcopy CD Set

A unique compilation of authentic Sikh music through an extraordinary variety of musical styles and dialects from the sacred Sikh scripture. This 8-volume CD set contains 59 tracks sung in raag using string instruments. Album set is accompanied by a special 200-page booklet of translations, raag definitions and English transliteration.

Mere Mun 2 CD Set

Individual 2 CD set only taken from the Mere Mun Album 8 set volume. Click image arrow for track details.

$15   Volume Set 1-2
$15   Volume Set 2-3
$15   Volume Set 4-5
$15   Volume Set 5-6
$15   Volume Set 7-8


Vaar Asa CD

Double CD set of Asa di Vaar in Raag.

This CD takes the listener on a blissful journey through the art and science of Sikh Music.




Partaal CD

Rhythm of life CD taking the listener on a enriching journey to feel the shift Naad can have on the mind, body and emotions.


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Mantr CD

7 everyday blissful mantr's to uplift and recharge you instantly.



Patsahi Dasvee CD

A dedication to the tenth Sikh master Patsahi Dasvee Guru Gobind Singh.



Anhad CD

Anhad the 'unstruck sound', beyond what's heard, taking you to bliss.


Online Tracks & Albums

by Yogi of Sound Professor Surinder Singh

Tracks and albums are available at the suggested sites below



7 everyday blissful mantr's to uplift and recharge you.

Available on:
Amazon Music
Apple Music



Patsahi Dasvee

A dedication to the tenth Sikh master Patsahi Dasvee Guru Gobind Singh.

Available on:
Amazon Music
Apple Music



Mastering the Rhythm of life.

Available on:
Amazon Music
Apple Music


Vaar Asa

Two-track set of Vaar Asa in Raag and on string instruments.

Available on:
Amazon Music
Apple Music



Anhad the 'unstruck sound', the bliss of sound beyond what is heard.

Available on:
Amazon Music
Apple Music



Beside You

First-ever Saranda solo in Raag Bairaree, reminding you that you are never alone and that the Creator is always Beside You.

Available on:
Amazon Music
Apple Music




When nothing else works, when there are no words then it is time for a heart-to-heart with the Creator.

Available on:
Amazon Music
Apple Music




Like a firefly showing me the path in dark times; with this track, I share the blessings of Guru Nanak.

Available on:
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The Kirtan Experience


Sikh Music Training Level 1 only

Welcome Kirtan into your heart and home with Level 1 of the Sikh Music Training Course.

Level 1 covers two grades spread over 36 weeks. Learn all about Sikh Music in the most easiest and supportive way possible with this ultimate online training in its truest form.

learn dilruba raag kirtan online

Sponsor a Student

Help support a student in need to embark on the journey of learning Sikh Music.

Click below for the type of support options.


Sikh Multi-Award-Winning

Documentary "The Untold Story", is a masterpiece showing the journey of the origins of the Sikh string instruments from Guru Nanak Sahib. Discover what happened to the Sikh instruments and what got them to the verge of extinction. Take 1hr to watch below.



Kirtan for Wellness

Embark on this mini-course experience to discover how you can start to utilise Kirtan in a way that brings shifts, healing and fulfilment into your wellness and life.


Sikh String Instruments

The Dilruba is now available in many Indian string instrument shops. We can suggest Sikh Saaj as the site for best coordination and purchases for string instruments.

We highly recommend the Dilruba to start off with if you are a new learner to string instruments and Kirtan.

You can also purchase the other Sikh string instruments via Sikh Saaj or if you are based in India, we coordinate with Raj Musicals who kindly source and craft high-quality seasoned wood for our Sikh instruments. Please note we do not manufacture, sell or affiliate with any organisation for instruments. We can only help coordinate instrument orders.


Tools & Guides


Emotional Empowerment Steps

Access the 3 key steps for emotional empowerment and how to be in the driver seat of your emotions and not drained by them.

Foundations and teachings shared from the ancient sacred sounds and the emotional properties of sound, Naad for well-being.

How to create a sound lifestyle

Dilruba Home Care Pack

Download all the inside steps to welcome your instrument into your home, best practices to look after and maintain your instrument for perfect harmonious sounds.

Step-by-step getting started pack for Dilruba players and interested students covering the stage between the point of receiving your Dilruba delivery to the stage of comfortably playing your first Shabad.

gurmat sangeet recital

Sikh Kirtan Guide: Steps for Unity

How to play in marayda. What are the steps to play in. 


"tune into your highest truth and potential"



"WOWW This is Pure Ecstasy! Pure Magic! You are God Sent! Thank you for this Soulful Experience. I hope and pray today, your work reaches each and every corner of this world and bestows peace & high Vibrational Energy to all the souls that are currently suffering from Low Vibrational States. Thank you and Take a Bow Sir! More Power to you!!"

- Reet S.

"No words to describe this ecstatic music. I bow to our Gurus for bestowing us with such a treasure and beg for their grace that we value this treasure and follow their teachings."

- Ricky

"I had no idea that this type of music existed, nor that my forefathers were so musically gifted."

- Akashdeep

"This was amazing! You really planted the seed in my head to learn the Dilruba! I don't know why but I'm drawn to it now after seeing you all yesterday."

- Simran

"I am more conscious of my emotions and how to gain another perspective on them. Sikh Music helps me understand better how to use my emotions rather than allowing them to take over my emotional state."

- Prabhnoor

"Sikh Music is a way for me to understand myself and connect to myself. It allows me to understand my potential and capacity better."

- Brahmbind

"Wish I could loop this and just listen for hours.... thank you!"

- Surinder C.

"How soothing and soul-touching shabad."

- Sarabjit S.

"I feel so peaceful the first time I heard this rag, it looks as if I was transported to a superior realm and I lost the notion of time and space. Music that connects you to the Divine..."

- Sarah

"Wow...Prof Sahib..what an experience! thanks a million (infinite). Bless your heart and soul, and of course your entire Jatha."

- K. Sandhu

"Professor Surinder has changed the face of our future with his great contribution and hard work in the community to revive and maintain Sikh heritage, we wish him further success for all his upcoming projects."

- Dr. Garcha

"You are truly blessed having listened to this vibrating musical melody throughout creation also in the present of lord house suchkhand hand of God upon your head will always be guiding you, may I take blessings from you and now to our lord vibrating musical instruments in infinite realities Lord bless you all."

- M. Pal

"Have been listening to your collection of Raag-based shabad for all these years. It gives my mind the ultimate solace. Never been hooked better than this. God has shown through you the correct way of singing shabads well forgotten by the Sikh religion. This is Meditative bliss. You are blessed to sing Raag Adharit shabad by the Gurus. I must say you are very well forwarding the invaluable Sewa through Raj conservative project in Europe."

- Sunny

"Simply fabulous and mesmerizing"

- Harsh

"Thank you so much for such a lovely evening! I feel so much lighter and brighter and can still hear the kirtan"

- Naila

Enhancing Connections

At Raj Academy, we believe in enhancing connections be it spiritually, mentally, physically or emotionally. It's through these special connections we gain the secrets to know ourselves on a deeper level. As the world's leading educational institution for Sikh Music to heal the mind, our mission is to inspire, empower and connect people to themselves through sound.

Learn more about Raj Academy here.

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