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Journey through sound with our wide variety of courses! Each course is designed to suit all abilities and needs. Get ready for an expansive experience of exploring the education of Sikh Music.

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Our expertly designed courses have been carefully developed to provide the best online learning experience possible. With weekly lessons, short assignments, frequent email communication and the support of our skilled online tutors you will be in the best possible hands to experience the online world of Sikh Music Learning.

Each course offers a unique learning experience and journey through Sikh Music learning. Select your pathway:

How to create a sound lifestyle



Kirtan: A Tool for Mental Health Mini-Course

Was you told raag Kirtan takes years of study and you must be vocally talented?

We're here to tell you why you don't need either the years or talent.

This mini-course is for you if you've always wanted to learn Kirtan the healing way, where it strikes the listener's heart with one note.



If you’re ready to go on a journey of self-discovery and emotional education through the techniques of ancient Sikh Raag Music, we have a variety of academically structured learning pathways to support and aid your personal development.

Note: No previous musical knowledge or background is necessary.

Group learning in-person at a discounted offer

Rababi Program

The Rababi Program is the Sikh Music Training program taught within a group environment. Benefit from a 50% sponsorship per student for Panjabi schools only.

$160 $75/mo

Online support and self-paced learning

Sikh Music Training

With Sikh Music Training you can learn to sing and play ancient Indian music in the comfort of your own home anywhere in the world. The course provides learning materials through elearning combined with regular personal support from...


Teacher-led program with live monthly masterclasses

Naad Yoga Teacher Training

Do you want to connect with your soul? Hear the voice of your mind? Sing your own song as the composer of your life? Naad Yoga Teacher Training is our most comprehensive course. It covers vocal training, listening skills, meditation...


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