Music to heal the mind


Our mission

To train individuals to easily bridge an internal communication channel between their mind and body to live emotionally empowered lives in harmony with themselves.

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At Raj Academy, we believe in enhancing 'connections', be it spiritually, mentally, physically or emotionally. It's through these special connections we gain the secrets to know ourselves on a deeper level.

Since 1994 we have been the world's leading educational institute and charity for using the science of sound from Sikh Music to heal the mind.

We have seen lives unfold and transform using the sacred sounds of Sikh Music hence it has become our vision to see many more individuals equipped with tangible tools to overcome emotional resistance and mental challenges and struggles to support themselves to their potential.


What is Sikh Music?

Sikh Music is a tool for communicating between the mind, body and soul. When we know how to dialogue, we come to an agreement between them to find alignment and harmony as our true selves.

How does it work?

We are 'feeling' beings. Our feelings are like fuel to our thoughts, behaviours, and actions.

Simply by knowing our feelings, we can change the course of our life.


Step 1


Accept & acknowledge where you are and how you feel

Step 2


Self-diagnose using the Sikh Music framework

Step 3


Express and release to evoke the healing process



The secret ingredient?

Each of our sacred sounds is specifically composed using the ancient techniques from Sikh Music with the intention of bridging a powerful emotional connection and healing conversation. That engages the mind, body, and soul as a unified force that can be directed to achieve any desired state of the individual. Amazing right!?

Explore how you can direct the course of your life with our online training programs available globally to support anyone seeking to enhance their life emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.


01 — Empower

We empower individuals to better their mental and emotional health through Sikh musicology.

02 — Authentic

We preserve the authentic Sikh Music framework and its musicology to stay rooted in the truest essence that it has to offer.

03 — Inspire

We lead by example. Through our trainings, we inspire learners to self-diagnose their own wellness to live a life that is healthy and fulfilling.

‘Ghar Ghar Andar Dharamsaal Hovai Kirtan Sadha Visoa’

Bhai Gurdas Ji*

*Companion of four of the Sikh Gurus and first scribe of the Guru Granth Sahib.

Within every home let there reside a sacred shrine where the praise of the Divine is continuously sung

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