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Our mission

Our mission is to unlock the power of the human psyche through sacred sounds.



In the philosophy of Sikh Music, the secret is to relate to musicology the precise way in which sound directly manifests emotion and deeper truth. Only after we have truly experienced this can we create ‘real’ sacred music, which can make contact with emotional pain and dissolve it. Once we have walked the path of experience and connected with our inner divinity through sound, then begins the magic that allows healing to take place and opens the space for joy, happiness, and prosperity to enter.

Music is a phenomenal medicine. It grants us the ability to connect our most deeply held emotions. If you’ve ever heard a piece of music that has moved you to tears, made you want to dance, or compelled you to sing your heart out - you understand this feeling.

The connection to sound is inexplicable. It gives us the power to unlock our inner experience in a way we simply cannot access through the mind alone. The very sound itself prompts us to hear our impulses in a different way - Plugging us into what we like to call a “felt experience”.  By feeling into the sound and bypassing our thinking mind, we can access our intuition and kindle a more compassionate, kind inner dialogue.


Our mission goes beyond the revival of Sikh music. 

We believe sound can unlock a dimension that can aid in the healing process of mind, body, and soul. By educating people on rules of sound (raags) and their effects on the psyche we seek to train other individuals on how to apply this ancient art as a practice and therapy to their daily lives.

Raj Academy Conservatoire

We're committed to delivering quality education, resources, and training to empower you through the ancient techniques of Sikh music. These methods will enable you to become more emotionally intelligent and will assist you in navigating life from a more discerning place. Sikh music was created with the purpose of mental well-being in mind. So we've created an accessible learning experience to help anyone who is looking to cope with the pressures of life including anxiety, depression, and many other mental concerns. 

When we know who we are in relation to the world around us, life feels less confusing and chaotic and instead, more clear and connected. 



01 — Empower

We empower individuals to better their mental and emotional health through Sikh Musicology.

02 — Perserve

We preserve and revive the Sikh music - and its instruments - using them as tools to reframe our mind and promote emotional wellbeing.

03 — Educate

We educate future generations on the art of Sikh Music through Gurbani (ancient wisdom), Gurmukhi (sacred scripture), Gurmat (path of consciousness) & Naad (sound).

04 — Connect

We seek to connect with a like-minded community and create a culture where mental and emotional wellness is at the forefront. 

05 — Inspire

We lead by example. Through our actions, we inspire others to build their own emotional awareness and live a life that is healthy and happy.

‘Ghar Ghar Andar Dharamsaal Hovai Kirtan Sadha Visoa’

Bhai Gurdas Ji*

*Companion of four of the Sikh Gurus and first scribe of the Guru Granth Sahib.

Within every home let there reside a sacred shrine where the praise of the Divine is continuously sung

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