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Sikh Music Training


Course Features

✓  Online video lessons to rewatch over & over
✓  Practice alongside your teacher
✓  Step-by-step guided videos
✓  Bite-sized and digestible content
✓  Self-paced course
✓  Personal & specialist tutor support
✓  Excellent student support & communication

Course Benefits

✓  No prior string instrument skills required
✓  Master verbal communication
 (speech & singing)
✓  Learn how to use Sikh Music as a healing modality 
✓  Understand the Raags and how they work
✓  No prior Kirtan experience or know-how required
✓  A strong supportive community
✓  Annual student-only camps
✓  Special access to Raj Academy events


Enhancing unity with your higher self through the joy of transformational Kirtan, starting from the comfort of your own home anywhere in the world.

Uncover the secrets to transformational healing Kirtan through a step-by-step curriculum built for those with deep passion and busy schedules.

This course is for individuals seeking to overcome everyday struggles and challenges and live at their fullest capacity through the guiding support of healing sounds and wisdom.

As a student of this beautiful Sikh Music Training, you will grow to master your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical awareness and well-being.



"Tune yourself towards healing and bliss. Your body is an instrument and you are the composer."



Course Structure

The Sikh Music Training course has 6 grades. 

Each grade is made up of 16 weeks of step-by-step bite-sized practical lessons.


Grade 1 & Grade 2 focuses on establishing and developing listening skills, vocal training and instrumental practice to build deeper focus and a connection within yourself.
You will learn to sit, play, sing from scratch Shabads in raag on the Dilruba. 


Grade 3 & Grade 4 develop your know-how, concentration and muscle memory skills to reduce stress and panic in order to welcome a healthier life and enhanced well-being. 

You will develop harmony and synchronicity with the support of your instrument and practical exercises.


Grade 5 & Grade 6 supports progress towards composing Kirtan and learning how to communicate to your mind and body using Shabad and Raag. Further listening skills, vocal training and instrumental practice exercises are introduced to stretch your capacity mentally and emotionally.

The new musical concepts gained will advance your understanding of Kirtan to support you on a deeper level.

Course Objectives

This course is for you if you are looking to:

  • Learn how the Sikh Masters used Kirtan to increase mental strength and focus.
  • Understand how to improve your listening skills to build a deeper connection with yourself and your feelings.
  • Learn to channel your voice and express yourself in a healthy way when words cannot be found.
  • Increase memory and develop a healthier connection with the mind and body through the aid of the Dilruba instrument.
  • Understand how Kirtan works for the mind and promotes and regulates better health.
  • Explore how to utilise Kirtan for addressing specific everyday life challenges and obstacles.
  • Build a connection with the raags from Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji in an easy and digestible way.
  • Discover how to implement Kirtan into your life to live more consciously, in harmony and to your higher purpose.


Sikh Music Training makes learning simple and easy. It is a chance to be part of the empowerment for better health and harmony.

Have a question? Contact us here to book a free zoom call with our student support team to have your questions answered. 

Let us guide you step-by-step to uncover the secrets to transformational Kirtan 


"I enjoy Sikh music and enjoy learning the instrument. This is the first time I learn music, which is very special for me. I find it very nice to sing in groups. If I miss my lessons I feel like something is missing in my life."

- Rajbir Kaur, UK

"I never knew how emotions work. This is the most interesting part I enjoy about Raj Academy. When I now talk with people, I can hear what emotions they are speaking in. I have become more conscious and realize things in my life, and I have the feeling Guru is always with me. I can now stay positive and fearless in my daily life."

- Tejinder Kaur, USA

"Sikh Music plays an important role in every aspect of my daily life. I am now more conscious of my emotions and know how to gain another perspective on them. Sikh Music helps me understand better how to use my emotions rather than allowing them to take over my emotional state."


- Prabhnoor Singh, Canada

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"Life coloured with Kirtan makes everything feel so more beautiful."


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