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Sikh Music Training


Course Features
  • Online video lessons that you can revisit - you can’t go wrong! 
  • Practice alongside your teacher through our guided videos
  • Personal & Specialist Tutor Support
  • Excellent student support and weekly check-ins 
  • Annual camps
  • Access to student-only events
  • Comprehensive curriculum
Course Benefits
  • Gain emotional awareness  
  • Master your verbal communication

  • Understand the Raags and how they work to promote emotional wellness
  • Cultivate tools to improve mental health and self regulate 
  • Learn how to use Sikh Music as a healing modality 
  • Surround yourself with a like-minded and supportive community
  • Reframe your emotional responses so you may have healthier relationships
  • No prior experience required 

With Sikh Music Training you can learn to sing and play ancient Indian music in the comfort of your own home anywhere in the world.

With Sikh Music Training you will learn the art of mastering your emotions. Our emotions can often feel like strong currents, taking over our lives and reactions if we aren’t paying attention.  

This course provides an in-depth and hands-on learning experience to help you connect to your emotions in a healthy + productive way. You’ll gain learning materials through both e-leanings and regular support from a staff of talented teachers. As a student of this beautiful sound, you will learn how to master your emotional awareness, communicate effectively and connect deeply to your sense of personal power and expression. 

This course is for you if you are looking to:

  • Understand yourself and your reactions more clearly 
  • Gain tools for mental wellness and self regulation
  • Learn about the  history of Sikh Music
  • Empower yourself to be emotionally intelligent 
  • Stop carrying around uncomfortable emotions 
  • Have healthy relationships that allow you to speak your truth safely 
  • Lead better relationships, make clear decisions and live a life from power and integrity

In addition to these wonderful life skills you will acquire from this course—You will learn to sing and play ancient Indian music in the comfort of your own home anywhere in the world!

The course provides learning materials through elearning combined with regular personal support from dedicated teachers. You’ll also be supported by a like minded community of fellow students. 

Learn to play the string instruments that the Sikh Gurus themselves played and promoted for use in Kirtan: Rabab, Saranda, Sarangi, Taus and Dilruba.


As a student, you will experience the vital role of raag (raga) in creating specific moods. Listening, singing and playing with this appreciation will open up a new dimension in your engagement with music, making it actively relevant in every waking moment. 

Sikh Music Training makes learning simple and easy. It is a chance to be part of the revival of this spiritual heritage, with its boundless application to life. How to begin your journey of Sikh Music:

Step 1: Make your commitment to yourself
Step 2: Register for the course
Step 3: Acquire your Dilruba
Step 4: Attend the orientation session to start your sacred journey

Course Structure

The Sikh Music Training course is designed as a three-year programme.


The first year focuses on establishing a comprehensive understanding of the musical notes used in singing Kirtan. Development of listening skills, vocal training and instrumental practice are integrated into the curriculum from the start. Additional key components of learning include Basics of rhythm played on Tabla or Jori percussion instruments.

Correct pronunciation of verses from Gurbani
Terminology for the musical notes used to compose a raag.
Grades completed: Grade 1, Grade 2


The second year supports progress from beginner to intermediate level. Listening skills, vocal training and instrumental practice continue to develop. New musical concepts such as meend and gamak are introduced, advancing the understanding of music and Kirtan to a deeper level. In addition, the second and third years emphasise: Musicology in Sikh Music - exploring the emotions in a raag.

  • Introduction of Composition in music - an opportunity to begin exercising individual creativity
  • Key performance skills for sharing Kirtan with other people within a congregation.
  • Grades completed: Grade 3, Grade 4
  • Grades completed: Grade 5, Grade 6

Course Objectives

  • Play a Sikh Musical instrument
  • Understand key performance techniques
  • Basic of Sikh Music & traditions
  • Sikh Music Technology
  • Sikh Music Musicology
  • Santhiya
  • Rhythm, Sur, Saaj
  • Connect with self, emotions, shabad & expression for wellness

This training is designed to guide students and teachers to the power of sacred sound. Within the 3 years of the course: you will be able to sing Guru’s shabad, Guru’s way with Guru’s instruments:

  • you will experience the eternal sound current of the creation through singing Kirtan
  • you will go through intensive vocal training alongside your instrumental training as singing is compulsory
  • you will gain skills & knowledge in playing a sacred Sikh instrument
  • you will be able to teach Sikh Music to others
  • you will learn to compose and perform your own music for higher purposes
  • you will understand the art and science of raags in theory and application to explore the composition of the mind and the nature of moods and emotions
  • you will learn to apply your experience and wisdom of Kirtan to heal and elevate yourself, students, friends and enemies, and share this sacred art

Keep in mind that the Sikh Music Training is considered a beginner course. It is completely digestible and accessible to someone just starting out with Sikh Music! No musical experience is required - you simply need a laptop and an instrument. 


"I enjoy Sikh music and enjoy learning the instrument. This is the first time I learn music, which is very special for me. I find it very nice to sing in groups. If I miss my lessons I feel like something is missing in my life."

- Rajbir Kaur, UK

I never knew how emotions work. This is the most interesting part I enjoy about Raj Academy. When I now talk with people, I can hear what emotions they are speaking in. I have become more conscious and realize things in my life, and I have the feeling Guru is always with me. I can now stay positive and fearless in my daily life.

- Tejinder Kaur, USA

"Sikh Music plays an important role in every aspect of my daily life. I am now more conscious of my emotions and know how to gain another perspective on them. Sikh Music helps me understand better how to use my emotions rather than allowing them to take over my emotional state."

- Prabhnoor Singh, Canada

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