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Do you ever feel that finding a way to truly express yourself and feel understood is like an uphill battle?

Showing up to the demanding spaces we frequently interact in, we find ourselves forced into wearing a brave face, brushing aside our feelings, letting our opinions go unspoken and agreeing with the majority that we fall out of alignment with our true being and feelings.

 Course Features

✓  Expert curriculum
✓  20 minutes a day of self-study
✓ 4hrs a month of LIVE group masterclass training
✓  1-1 weekly tutor support⁠ (optional)
✓  Unlimited access to content, resources & events
✓  Annual retreat with global student community

Course Benefits

✓  24/7 access to the online learning platform
✓  Digestible weekly bite-sized lessons
✓  Step-by-step training to become emotionally aware of yourself & others
✓  Gain tools & techniques to balance your emotions
✓  Experience the power of your true voice
✓  Discover emotional empowerment
✓  Enhance your listening and intuition skills
✓  Develop teacher-led skills


Naad Yoga exists to train individuals in inner alignment and harmony between three key areas - the mind, body and soul. Where you can confidently express what you feel and think without any emotional filters or facades.

It's through sound that we communicate our thoughts, emotions and feelings to the outside world, and it's through sound the course trains individuals to channel and communicate their emotions into a space of unity and empowerment.


"Life can be made simple when we know what emotions drive us."




Course Structure

The Naad Yoga Teacher Training is a 3-year course covering six grades on the Dilruba instrument to support the training of the voice and emotional listening skills.

The course provides a solid foundation for personal self-study, live group teaching, practical experiences, self-diagnosis and transformation.



Grade 1 & Grade 2 

Enhancing listening skills with the mind and body. Building synchronicity between logistic and creative brain.

Developing foundational relationships with your emotional landscape.



Grade 3 & Grade 4

Developing better emotional communication through effective daily expression and practice.
Exploring the state of flow mentally and physically.

Understanding how to utilise the natural voice for expressing your unique self authentically.


Grade 5 & Grade 6 

Implementing emotional communication through performance skills.
Constructing your new emotional landscape that best suits and serves your unique self.

Strengthening vocal expression as a tool for healing.

Course Details


Each year of the course follows the below structure:

  • 36 weeks of self-study via the online learning platform.
  • 36 hours of live group masterclasses, delivered on a monthly basis, 4 hours per month.
  • 36 hours of optional weekly tutor support.
  • 36 hours of teaching by Yogi of Sound Professor Surinder Singh on a residential intensive week in the first and second years.
  • Three-month break for reflection with individual practice and projects

Teacher Training experience:

  • From the second year onwards, the Sangat & Seva module will give students one hour of teaching experience per week (36 hours per year) under the guidance of senior staff. This amounts to a total of 108 hours of teaching experience. Students who opt out of the Sangat & Seva module will receive the Naad Yoga Diploma certificate after completion instead of the Naad Yoga Teacher Training certificate.
  • In the third year, one taught weekend and the intensive week are replaced by an optional two-week trip to India with Yogi Professor Surinder Singh.

This Course is for those who seek:

A transformative process of discovering the emotions and feelings that drive attitudes, behaviours and actions into harmony and self-mastery.

The Naad Yoga Teacher Training will train you to:

  • Recognise what emotions can become your driving forces in life.
  • Empower yourself to become an emotionally intelligent⁠ leader.
  • Increase your emotional awareness so you can address situations and conversations in the most effective way.⁠
  • Have healthy conversations that allow you to speak your truth without uncomfortable emotions.
  • Build a strong connection to your intuition and guidance system.
  • Improve your speaking skills and self-confidence.
  • Develop the art of listening beyond words.
  • Channel your uncomfortable feelings into healing with ease.
  • Comfortably express your opinions and feelings.
  • Lead better relationships, make better decisions, and take aligned actions⁠.
  • Self-diagnose through sound techniques and musicology taken from ancient healing sounds of Sikh Music.
How to create a sound lifestyle

Our support team is available to assist you with your questions and concerns. Feel free to reach out to our team to book a discovery call.

"Equip yourself to decode your emotions"

Meet your teacher

The Naad Yoga Course is run by our Lead Teachers; they are your navigators throughout your course and will run the monthly live masterclasses either online or in-person.




Yogi of Sound Professor Surinder Singh

Training start date: 5 Oct 2024
Location: Online
Language: English




Mehar Kaur

Training start date: October 2024
Location: Chantilly, France & online
Language: French




Niranjan Kaur

Training start date: October 2024
Location: Online
Language: German




Guru Kaur

Training start date: 26 October 2024
Location: Girona, Spain & online
Language: Catalan & Spanish





Training start date: 26 October 2024
Location: Madrid, Spain & online
Language: Spanish

Visit: formacion-de-naad-yoga-con-kimaya



Veer Kaur

Training start date: please enquiry
Location: Flensburg, Germany & Online
Language: German



"Naad Yoga gives me some structure in my chaotic life."

- Dagmar Muller, Germany

"Thank you for all your work. I feel I am in a very kind and trustable space. Please just keep doing what you do. I feel my rhythm is amazing. Thank you very much!!!! This is incredible."

- Julia, Spain

"It deepens my understanding of the self, it provides a beautiful space to be with myself, the daily practice provides comfort and peace."

- Urs Nussbaum, Germany

"I use Naad Yoga a lot, listening to Raags while driving every day. Naad Yoga is more universal and non-religious and I love to share it at my monthly Sound Healing session at the Mental Health Centre."

- Katie Sperring, USA



1. What will I need for this course?

Yourself, internet and a smart device to access your online weekly lessons and join your online masterclasses (if applicable online), course materials (will be posted to your address before the course starts) and an instrument (we recommend the Dilruba, which is the easiest instrument to learn and train yourself on).

2. Where can I purchase a Dilruba instrument?

Check out our instrument page on the Dilruba here and upon submitting your registration form; our student support team will reach out to assist you in your purchase and help get you comfortably set up and ready for your course start date.

3. What does Naad Yoga mean?

Dating back to Ancient India, Naad Yoga teaches self-mastery through the use of sound (Naad). In Sanskrit, 'Naad' is generally translated as the 'universal sound current' and describes any sound audible to the human ear. The term 'Yoga' comes from the Sanskrit word 'Yog' or 'Jog', which means 'capability' to unite all aspects of one’s being. 

4. Do you have a course prospectus?

You can access all details on the Naad Yoga Course here.

5. What are the minimum requirements for registering on the course?

There is a one-year minimum requirement. The full learning agreement can be found here.

6. When is the registration deadline?

You can register your place well in advance, and we would recommend 4 weeks before the course start date in order to receive your instrument in time.

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