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Naad Yoga Teacher Training


Course Features
  • Expert curriculum
  • Annual Sangat Retreats 
  • Excellent student support (email & whatsapp)
  • Happiness calls
  • 4-hours a month of LIVE masterclass training.⁠
  • 1-1 weekly Q&A and troubleshooting support⁠ (optional).⁠
  • 20 minutes a day of self-study through our online learning platform.⁠
  • 1-week of intensive training annually with Professor Surinder Singh and an opportunity to connect with our global community of Raj Academy teachers.⁠
  • Access to your online course learning platform, materials, and resources.⁠
  • Weekly bite-sized practical lessons⁠
  • One year of unlimited access to content
Course Benefits
  • Get to know yourself through sound
  • Gain tools and techniques to regulate your emotions
  • Improve your communication and learn how to develop healthy relationships 
  • Empower yourself to become emotionally intelligent
  • Discover the power of your emotions
  • Develop your skills as a teacher
  • Experience the power of your true voice
  • Connect with Sikh Music as a tool for mental & emotional wellness

Do you ever feel as though life is a constant struggle? Have you often found yourself at the mercy of your mind and the never-ending cycle of neurosis?

We are here to tell you - life is meant to be lived!  It doesn't have to be an uphill battle - Sikh Music can help!  ⁠

⁠If you've ever felt as though you are at the mercy of your emotions - unable to relate to life in a healthy and empowering way, this training is for you. 

Our Naad Yoga Teacher Training can help you to: ⁠

  • Empower yourself to be emotionally intelligent⁠
  • Increase your emotional awareness so you can address situations and conversations in the most effective way.⁠
  • Stop carrying uncomfortable emotions⁠
  • Stop living in shame or denial of your true feelings ⁠
  • Have healthy conversations that allow you to speak your truth without guilt ⁠
  • Lead better relationships, make better decisions, and take aligned actions⁠

Our Naad Yoga Teacher Training is a beginner's 3-year course spread over 9 months per year.

Raj Academy is here to support you in your journey to emotional empowerment! ⁠

Course Structure

Level 1 is a three-year programme covering the first six grades on the instrument chosen to support the voice. It covers all aspects of Naad Yoga and provides a solid foundation for personal practice, teaching, performance, and healing.

Each year of the course follows a similar structure:

  • 36 weeks of self-guided learning with online course materials, to be completed within 36 weeks.
  • 36 hours of group classes, delivered either on a monthly basis (four hours per month) or quarterly (12 hours of teaching per weekend, three weekends per year). The offered structure depends on the country and the teacher delivering it.
  • Starting in the second year, the Sangat & Seva module will give students one hour of teaching experience per week (36 hours per year) under the guidance of senior staff. This amounts to a total of 108 hours of teaching experience. Students who opt out of the Sangat & Seva module will receive the Naad Yoga Diploma certificate after completion of Level 1, instead of the Naad Yoga Teacher Training certificate.
  • 36 hours of teaching by Yogi of Sound Professor Surinder Singh on a residential intensive week in the first and second years
  • Three-month break for reflection with individual practice and projects
  • In the third year, one taught weekend and the intensive week are replaced by a two-week trip to India with Yogi Professor Surinder Singh, which also marks graduation from Level 1.

Course Objectives

  • Play the Dilruba 
  • Gain discipline and confidence through the art of learning an instrument 
  • Develop mastery in communication skills 
  • Develop Intermediate level skills of musicianship
  • Learn how to self regulate emotions and lead a healthy life 
  • Become a more tolerant, patient and peaceful person
  • Self-diagnostic techniques of using Sikh Music as therapy
  • Building community through seva, sound and sangat
  • Understand the basic principles of Raag and how they relate to sound as a form of therapy 
  • Gain a well rounded understand of Sikh Music’s history 
  • Live a life that is empowering and free from victimhood


"Naad Yoga gives me some structure in my chaotic life."

- Dagmar Muller, Germany

"It deepens my understanding of the self, it provides a beautiful space to be with myself, the daily practice provides comfort and peace."

- Urs Nussbaum, Germany

"I use Naad Yoga a lot, listening to Raags while driving every day. Naad Yoga is more universal and non-religious and I love to share it at my monthly Sound Healing session at the Mental Health Centre."

- Katie Sperring, USA

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