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Rababi Program

$1800 $75/mo


Learn Kirtan in Sangat with ease, purpose and fulfilment

Program Features

✓  Learn Kirtan that will support you throughout your life
✓  Excel in learning Kirtan for true purpose and fulfillment
✓  Play and sing kirtan in raag kirtan in an easy way
✓  A Facilitator to guide you on a weekly basis
✓  Step-by-step guided lessons
✓  Bite-sized and digestible weekly content
✓  Progress together with group sangat learning

Program Benefits

✓  No prior instrument skills required
✓  No prior Kirtan experience or knowledge required
✓  Learn how to use Kirtan to uplift & support you in tough times
✓  Master singing with your instrument and Shabd in raag in 16weeks
✓  Establish & highlight more confidence, sehej & courage into your personality
✓  Learn Kirtan in a fun, easy and engaging way with likeminded sangat
✓  Build sangat with annual student-only camps, retreats and events



What is the Rababi Program?

A space for those who enjoy Kirtan and want to make it part of their lives to enhance their connection to the Creator. To live each day feeling puposeful and fulfilled.

This Program brings together sangat in a group setting to learn and support each other throughout 36 weeks.



"It's more than just some notes put together, Guru Nanak Ji's kirtan is a program for true enlightenment"




What's included?

Each Year is 36 weeks packed with weekly practical fun and supportive exercises to expand the learner's mind and spiritual connection.

Weekly lessons are 1-hour.



Grade 1 & Grade 2 

You will learn to sit, play, sing from scratch Shabads in raag on the Dilruba instrument.

You will develop your instrument skills, understand what is listening vs hearing, practice easy-to-implement vocal skills, learn steps that build your sehej, focus a deeper connection to Gurbani.


Grade 3 & Grade 4

At the stage you will have developed confidence to share Kirtan with family and relatives. Knowing the ways you can "become Kirtan" through the lessons shared.

This year you will work on muscle memory skills and learn how the Sikh Guru's made us mentally strong. You will develop harmony and balance within you with the support of your instrument and practical exercises.


Grade 5 & Grade 6 

With your enhanced confidence and flow to life, you will be learning to enjoy every day as it comes. As well as understand how to speak with your mind and body using Shabad and Raag. Build a toolkit of steps and shabads to lean on in any challenging time.

This year you will be diving into your listening skills and learning what does singing truely do for you? Explore Shabds to live in calmness, courage and balance.

Not feeling skilled enough?

Are you limiting yourself based on "I have never played an instrument let alome a string instrument before", "I can't sing", "Kirtan and Raags are too complicated for me to understand" or "I am beyond my years to learn now".

Whichever limitation you may find yourself faced with, we no doubtedly can inform you these are only limits. They can never take us anywhere other than 'wishing' or 'hoping' one day to learn.

We don't believe Kirtan should be restricted to your talents, skills, vocal ability, location or age. Let us come out of these limitations and free ourselves to proceed to what is truly the treasure we deeply desire to connect and live as our highesst selves. Where you too will agree no limitation holds any value in the eyes of the Creator.

What the Rababi Program is not

The Rababi Program focuses on the kirtan gifted down from the Sikh Guru's to support individuals across all areas of their lives to prosper and know how to handle any challenging situation with ease and not to be wavered.

However kirtan under the Sikh way is often associated with classical music and it gets confused and interlinked with the Indian classical music tradition. This is not Sikh Kirtan. The structure, purpose and connection are very different. This is why we have compiled our program to share Kirtan in it's truest powerful form.

You may learn about instrumental exercises, vocal exercises and performing but to note these are not what make kirtan. Nor if you look deep into your heart what we truly desire. It is much more than this.

This is why the Rababi Program is about going beyond learning musical notes, be talented and learning tons of shabds. Instead have you considered what does the Sikh Guru's share with us when you feel exhausted and too tired to do anything, what to do in this situation? When you feel frustrated about when someone has said something unkind to you? When you feel alone and not supported by your family or friends? When you fee confused and lost?

We want through this program to equip you with these answers and for you to find relief with the answers to your questions you have inside of you.

If this reasonates with you, feel free to find out what's included in the Program below.


How to join?

Are you one of the below interested in the Rababi Program?



If you are keen to start learning Kirtan straight away and want to know your next steps to make this happen.

Complete the registration form to join one of the Rababi Program classes.

Our team will be in touch and connect you with the Rababi Facilitator in your chosen area.

Your Rababi Facilitator will be your main point of contact and will coordinate payments with you directly. Fees are taken in your currency based on your location.

If you are interested in the Online classes, payments are taken upon registration. You will receive Zoom details and Rababi Facilitator details directly via email.


Are you a parent or guardian wishing your child to have the best upbringing with Kirtan and Gurbani in their life?


If your child is below the age of 16-years-old please complete the registration form to join one of the Rababi Program classes. Please provide the email to best communicate next steps with. If you are registering more than one child, feel free to submit one form only.

Our team will be in touch and connect you with the Rababi Facilitator in your chosen area.

Your Rababi Facilitator will be your main point of contact and will coordinate payments with you directly. Fees are taken in your currency based on your location.

Panjabi School/Gurdwara

Are you a Panjabi School teacher or Gurdwara sewadaar who would like to offer Kirtan classes at your Gurdwara/ Panjabi School? 

Each location is known as a "Rababi Centre", to register your location to offer weekly classes with our Rababi Program by completing an interest form here, please share any questions too. Alternatively, if you would like to speak to our team to have your questions answered you may schedule a call with us.

Our team will be in touch to discuss the next steps via email.

This course is for you if you are looking to:

  • Learn how to enhance your spiritual connection through focus and concentration activities.
  • Whether you've never touched or played the Dilruba before, you'll learn to play the Dilruba to perfection.
  • The best practices to strengthen your focus so when you sit in any meditation practice, you are truly present to enjoy the full experience and never get distracted again.
  • The N.1 skill to shift from "knowing" Kirtan to "becoming" Kirtan.
  • The key framework to sing, perform and compose any Shabad all within a matter of weeks and with no previous musical experience.
  • How-to avoid the extra long hours of practice myth and accomplish harmony, inner peace and fulfilment all without the extra hours.
  • Learn how to cut out years of study and the need to be reliant on any external teacher other than the Spiritual Guru to evoke inner healing, contentment and feelings of happiness.

Have a question? Book a free 1-1 discovery call with our Student Support Team to have your questions answered.


"I enjoy Sikh music and enjoy learning the instrument. This is the first time I learn music, which is very special for me. I find it very nice to sing in groups. If I miss my lessons I feel like something is missing in my life."


 - Rajbir Kaur, UK

"Learning together in Sangat is very helpful and inspiring. We feel Guru's blessing whether learning as a student or as a teacher, it is an amazing way to be a Sikh."


- Gurpreet Kaur, USA

"This Rababi Program is special and everyone can do it. It’s super calming, love and peaceful."


- Surinder Kaur, USA

"Something that makes my Rababi classes enjoyable is that all the people that are in it are super nice and if you need help they are always there to help. Others are missing out on is the classes of the dilruba cause it is very special and calming."


- Sanreet Kaur, USA

"Each week there is something to learn new. I am waiting the whole week for Sunday to be in class and interact with my teacher and fellow rababis and present my learnings and practice which I did whole week. Sharing is caring, so I always try to take this opportunity to share my feelings and learnings. Simultaneously learning from other rababis when they present themselves. Slow & Steady wins the race, likewise in the classes, we understand step-by-step Sikh music terminologies, Gurmat Sangeet building blocks like Gram, Moorchana, Vadi, Samvadi, Niyas, Anuvadi, Vivadi etc.. from our teacher and direct from Prof. Surinder Singh ji via pre-recorded videos. Everyones journey is different and in here we understand its all Inner-attainment not entertainment which I say its big thing in each human being life. I love to be a part of Raj Academy with Guru Sahib's Asees."


- Navdeep Singh, India

"The way everything is explained and how the cover our doubts so easily. Learning about music kind of finds inner peace and makes me feel happy. It is really nice to be a part of this program."


- Ajooni Singh, India

"The most enjoyable part for me is learning to play the instrument. The instruments that our gurus played are being taught to us to play and the authentic form of kirtan being revived."


- Eliza Kaur, Zoom Online Batch

"Life coloured with Kirtan makes everything feel so more beautiful."

Meet your Instructor


Professor Surinder Singh

Founder and Director of Raj Academy

Meet your Instructor, who will be providing you with lessons, exercises and all the resources you will need throughout the program. You will have student camps and retreats with Professor Surinder Singh as part of annual student-only events.

Meet your Facilitators

A Facilitator is your point of contact who will take your weekly classes and provide you with weekly support. There are a number of Centres where the Rababi Program run along with numerous class batches. Get in touch or register with your nearest Centre to join.


Rajinder Kaur, UK

Raj Academy UK Director & Rababi Facilitator

Classes are held at:
1. Karamsar Gurdwara, Ilford
2. Woolwich Gurdwara
3. Croydon Gurdwara
4. Alice Rd Gurdwara, Hounslow
5. Zoom Online (starting on 15th April 2024, 7pm UK time | 2pm New York).


Gurpreet Kaur, USA

Lead Facilitator

A Panjabi School teacher leading Rababi classes in Buena Park, California.


Arminder Kaur, India

Head of India Team & Lead Facilitator

Leads India operations and holds online classes for all India-based students.

Students have the opportunity for occasional in-person meetups with sangat, to do Kirtan events and join our Annual India Retreat.


Dr Gurpreet Singh, USA

Lead Facilitator

Leads Rababi classes in Albany, New York.


Sikar Kaur, USA

Lead Facilitator

Holds Rababi classes in Michigan.


Surinder Kaur, USA

Lead Facilitator

Holds Rababi classes in California.


Ratanjot Singh, USA

Lead Facilitator

Holds Rababi classes in Garland Texas.

 What happens next?

After you click 'Register' you will be taken through the next three steps.

Step 1

Select your best location to join.

The team will be in touch if you are added to a waiting list for an opening class batch.

Step 2

Payments are collected via your Facilitator.

Unless you are joining the online program, payment link will be provided after registration.

Step 3

Connect with your Facilitator and start your weekly lessons.

Image Gallery 

Activities from our Rababi students.


Do I need to know about Sikhi or gurbani to start out?

No previous know-how is required because our course is built specifically to guide learners with all the terms and how-tos in the most simplistic and enjoyable way.

I have never played a string instrument before; how will I be supported?

You are in great care! Our Facilitators are here to guide you every step of the way, from the point of registration to comfortably getting you started. We will take you through step-by-step on how to hold, sit, tune and play the Dilruba in the most easiest way possible. 90% of our students now playing the Dilruba were once been in your shoes as complete beginners and have progressed through the Program with ease and excellence.

We have built it keeping in mind the complete beginner who is learning Kirtan for the first time from scratch. No previous musical understanding, santhiya, instrumental skills, vocal standard, nor extra talent is required to start the course. Sounds amazing right? If you are a complete beginner then we've got your back! 

Do I need an instrument to start?

You can start learning while your instrument arrives; the first few weeks involve vocal and ear training exercises, and every exercise can be done vocally too. If you do not have a string instrument yet, we highly recommend all our students to start with the Dilruba; it is by far the easiest instrument to play and will effectively support your vocal and listening skills. Each note is clearly set out for beginners to memorise and succeed on.

Once you have easily gained grounding with the Dilruba it is much easier to pick up another instrument to learn with much more ease, especially the 'blind instruments' (Saranda, Rabab and Sarangi) where ear training is required to find your basic notes.

What ages can register for the Program?

We've set up the Program to be hosted by Panjabi Schools and Gurdwaras to welcome in all ages starting from 9-years-old with no upper limit. Each Rababi Centre has students from various ages. We welcome parents/ guardians to join if their child is 10-years-old and under to support their learnings, you may discuss with your Facilitator your options.

If you are a group of minimum 6 people and would like to start a class in your local area feel free to get in touch via our Rababi Launch Form here.

What are the fees & How are payments taken?

Each location has it's own affordable fee structure. Fees are taken in your currency of your location directly by the Rababi Facilitator.

Each Facilitator may collect fees monthly or in 3 split payments.

Online class fees are based on UK 1 year fee of £15 a week. You can pay in full or in 2 split payments.

How do I order an instrument?

If you do not have a string instrument yet, we highly recommend all our students to start with the Dilruba; it is by far the easiest instrument to play and can be easily found available in most Indian instrument stores with affordable options.

If you would like to invest in a high-quality instrument, that has better longevity we would recommend Sikh Saaj. They support students ordering instruments outside of India. If you are based in the UK, drop us an email, and we may be able to courier you a high-quality Dilruba from the UK or Europe.

Please note Raj Academy does not sell any instruments, only facilitates students in acquiring an instrument in the easiest way possible.

Instrument ordering process:

1. Place an order at your best instrument store


2. Upon completing the registration form select: 'I do not have an instrument, please send me more information'. Our Student Support Team/ Facilitator can guide you in purchasing your instrument. You can continue to start the Program while your instrument gets delivered directly to your home.

How much learning/ practice is there to do between lessons?

We emphasise on "quality" over "quantity". We do not encourage our students to spend more than 20mins in a day. As its highly more effective to build the best progress through small enjoyable steps. 

Who can join the online classes?

If you are outside of the UK you are welcome to also join if the timing suits you well.

If the timing does not fit your timezone and you would like to join, we will add you to a waiting list for a new group.

If you do not have an instrument you can start vocally till your instrument is ordered. Please contact your Facilitator to discuss options.

Have a question that was not answered?

Feel free to book a Zoom Discovery call with our Student Support Team to have your tailored questions answered or contact us and our team would be happy to reach out to help.


"Life coloured with Kirtan makes everything feel so more beautiful."

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