Sikh Musical Heritage

- The Untold Story -



Sikh Musical Heritage: The Untold Story was conceived as an effort to preserve the Sikh heritage, as Kirtan is deeply intertwined with the Sikh way of life.

It pays tribute to the musical instruments that have shaped our culture and communication with the Creator in so many ways. Watch to discover more.

Run time: 1 hour and 10 mins

Commissioned by: Raj Academy Conservatoire
Production Studio: Wootz Films

Watch the full documentary on either Amazon Prime US, Amazon Prime UK or for the rest of the world on Vimeo On Demand.


multi-award-winning Sikh documentary awards

“I was in tears after watching the Sikh Musical Heritage documentary."

Our Guru is so futuristic, so much wisdom they have given us. I wish I could learn from you all”  - Suminder Singh


This Documentary has been years in the making to share the origins of the Sikh instruments, crafted and played by the Gurus themselves for spiritual communication and oneness.

close up of taus instrument
close up of the dilruba instrument
Surdarshan Singh Jori expert tabla
close up of the taus instrument Sikh kirtan
Yogi of Sound The Untold Story Documentary
sikh musical heritage documentary kirtan



"Through Kirtan, Sikhs were given constant access to the wisdom (hymns), and its prescribed emotions to guide and support them in life."

Did you know?

The 'Heartstealer'

The 'Dilruba' otherwise known as the heartstealer, was created in 1690 at Anandpur Sahib.

Our Well-being

Sikh music was designed with the intention of mastering our inner communication to foster our mental and emotional well-being.


Dough, 'Aatta', is applied to the Dhama each day. This is what gives the Jori its astonishing bass.


"Wonderful documentary. Both knowledge expanding and thought evoking."

- Tony Lehal

“Sikh Musical Heritage - such a clear and professional documentary.  My family loved it. THANK YOU.” 

- Anna Mogensen

“The message is that efficacy of music as taught exactly by our Gurus in spiritual growth is unmatched. The need of the hour is to go back to the original musicology, and its benefits for humanity will be immense."

- Manpreet Sharma

“Wow what an amazing documentary! The string instruments that our Gurus created really pierce the listener's soul. Much needed documentary. Shout out to Azadvir Singh for creating this masterpiece and to all the Sikhs preserving our musical history. Time to find a Taus!” 

- Manveer Singh

“Beautiful film, really well done. Thanks to everyone involved for opening a small window to show the deep and rich Sikh music heritage. I wish it was longer, I love it!” 

- Valeria Padrino

“The film was fantastic, opened my eyes to a lot. What I took for granted to this day, I now learnt was not the way I should be listening to this music. A frequency has been removed.  I totally recommend the film.” 

- Pritt

“My favourite part of the documentary was listening to the Jori being played. Upon seeing this instrument, I quickly realised that my late nannaji played this percussion instrument. For years I had mistaken it for the tabla.” 

- Prabhjit Rihal

“As a mother of a small Sikh child, I have the responsibility to take him by the hand, bringing him closer to the feet of the Guru. I will share with him all this knowledge for his greatness.”

- Margarita Sánchez Seco

"Just watched it last night with my mother and I was deeply moved and inspired. Also educated on topics I never knew about. Thank you all for creating this. This is what we need more of especially in our Sikhi community for both elders and children. I am sharing this documentary with everyone I know telling them to watch it! Thank you so very much my heart feels so connected to our Gurus!."

- @universalknowledge

"We watched this fantastic documentary last night. Not only did I learn so much but it also deepened my appreciation for the Gurus, Gurbani and Kirtan. Raag Kirtan is a beautiful way of connecting with the Guru. Make sure you watch while you can!.""

- Shanu Jodhie Kaur

Sikh Music for wellness


For the past 28 years, Raj Academy has led the global movement for reviving Sikh music in its truest form and for its original purpose to master mental and emotional wellness. We are proud to share Sikh Music Training within the field of academia and with the global community of seekers. Our highly recommended beginners course is a journey of self-discovery through emotional training. 

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