To incorporate sound in your lifestyle you need to become sound. 

Sikh Music unlike other music is designed specifically for “inner-attainment”, meaning the mastery of your emotions. Understanding your emotions gives you the power to compose your mind and develop ultimate focus. Sikh Music provides the ancient tools to achieve emotional and mental mastery using music, sound and expression.

What you need to transform your life and take control:

  1. You (your lived experience of life)
  2. Voice (the ability to express)
  3. Patience (to allow the process to unfold in its own time)
  4. Courage (to tackle the challenges that you will encounter)
  5. Love (belief in yourself to persevere)

Ancient tools:

  1. Your experience
  2. Raag (musical mode that evokes a specific mood)
  3. Shabad (sacred wisdom)
  4. Sikh stringed instrument (specifically created for this practice of healing)

When we pair all of these together, that is when the magic happens. That is when you are able to express and release your real feelings through sacred musical expression that applies layers of healing in the areas of vulnerability and hurt.

To be able to do this is to become sound. 

The purpose of Sikh Music is not only to learn and utilize the performance elements that Sikh Music has to offer but the goal is to merge into the meditative state of sound. To be able to incorporate these tools in your everyday life as a ‘go to’ when you are in any form of emotional or mental distress is the objective of all of our online courses.

Allowing the sound to manifest within you and having the ability to apply this in your daily life. To achieve this goal and transformation, we offer a variety of courses. Courses range from introductory programs to more intensive training programs. Our goal is to provide the precise rendition and application of Sikh Music in order for you to learn how to utilize its power to connect, heal and meditate with your mind, body and soul in unison.