If singing along and feeling relaxed were the only factors for undertaking Kirtan activities, then it could be argued the healing through Kirtan experience is yet to be discovered in a way that goes beyond a feel-good boost but rather where it speaks to your soul. 

Where it answers and addresses the questions of your mind to heal the built-up emotions held in the chest and resolve any dilemmas racing in the mind. 

Is it possible? 

This is the power of Kirtan (otherwise known as Sikh Music or Guru's Kirtan) that guides us to resolve our everyday and life challenges.

What makes Kirtan so healing?

Surprisingly enough, the whole of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji (Sikh scripture) is sectioned not by topics or themes but by ‘moods’, the very moods we as humans experience throughout our everyday interactions.

You'll notice in order for the sacred scripture to remain as the Sikh Gurus intended, each Shabad (hymn) is given its particular mood for us to know which emotions require expressing that evoke a healing process within us.

This becomes exceedingly helpful because we now know what caring tone and healing music approach is needed to resolve our feelings and arrive at a better place than we were before.

Kirtan has the ability to touch everyone, though differing sounds have differing effects on the human mind and the soul.

How do you know which sound will have which effect? Well, your question has already been answered. Through moods, otherwise known as raags, can harness and channel the right healing effects upon the mind and body as required.

Yogi Professor Surinder Singh, Founder of Raj Academy

The raags also effectively explain the message of the Sikh Gurus in the tone and feelings that they wanted the reader to receive it as. Here we can truly say the Guru (Sikh scripture) speaks to us, through words (Shabad) and emotions (raags).

The Sikh Gurus & Music?

The Sikh Gurus revived the idea of music as a link to spirituality at a time when it was seen as degenerate art. The 60 raags that Shabads are sectioned under come from classical and rural folk traditions for the teachings to be easily understood and resonate with anyone who was to hear it.

32 of the 60 raags were created by the Sikh Gurus themselves. Therefore, that is why we see a difference between Sikh raags and Indian Hindustani classical raags.

How to start feeling the full healing effects?

Give yourself permission to feel your feelings.

In a world of constant chasing and quick fixes, we also chase relaxation, to feel good instantly that we forget the Sikh Gurus made things less complicated and more accessible for us. Breaking all boundaries, myths and limitations. 

Kirtan is not meant to be complicated, nor do we believe at Raj Academy that Kirtan is only for the few lucky, talented ones.

We firmly believe that anyone has the right to build a connection with themselves, and the gift of Kirtan from the Sikh Gurus is a powerful tool towards this.

Sacred sounds of Kirtan being shared with a community centre

No matter your age, background, vocal ability, musical talent or know-how, because Kirtan is far from being about talent; it’s your personal connection towards you and your Creator. For the last 28 years, we have been breaking these barriers, myths and labels to inspire individuals no matter where they are located to empower their lives through Kirtan.

Experience healing through Kirtan for yourself, listen to our meditative and raags playlist over on our YouTube (@rajacademy) or start learning the art of Kirtan for your own well-being here.

If you are a complete beginner, drop us a message; we would love to hear from you.

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