Change your health & wellness

through the Kirtan for wellness mini-course

Have you ever wondered what is happening behind the sounds of Kirtan that reach our ears?

In spite of listening to so much Kirtan, so many people remain confused in which Kirtan sounds are best for healing certain situations or feelings.

Let's cut out the waiting time and confusion by discovering the Kirtan framework that heals pains, hurt, stress, anger and emptiness.


Cut out the hard work & confusion

Too many of us have believed that Kirtan is something we just listen to, and its healing work will happen in the background.

Partially true.

But Kirtan also has a framework that goes unnoticed.

After all, it's a tool, not only pleasant sounds.

If you have been listening to Kirtan for a while, you may well have wondered once, how do I make THIS change my life?



"enhance your connection between you and your best health"


 Connect to the healing framework

This mini-course is for you if you seek to discover what secrets the Sikh Masters created through Kirtan, how Kirtan works on an individual's mental, physical and spiritual spheres, and how you can implement it to release hurt, stress and pains to feeling every cell of your body the support of a higher force surrounding you, encouraging you along.

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Increase happiness, vitality and peace


Kirtan has the potential to unlock harmony, peace and clarity in the mind and body as well as fill every cell in your body up with charged positivity and wellness.


The Aim of this Kirtan for Wellness Mini-Course is to Support You:

➤ In discovering the science and secrets working behind the healing sounds of Kirtan

➤ How you can start to decide what Kirtan sounds you need to increase happiness, self-care and welcome better health into your life

➤ Making Kirtan for wellness easy, tangible and accessible that can be used at anytime  

How does the Kirtan for Wellness mini-course work?


The mini-course is set out in 3 key steps:

Step 1

What is Kirtan really doing? Unlock the secrets.

Step 2

Experience step-by-step how to use and implement three healing sacred sounds to increase your health and wellness around; releasing hurt and pains, installing peace and prosperity and lastly, feeling you are not alone in your struggles.

Step 3

Start learning through two specific activities and our wellness guide on how to create internal healing shifts for yourself post this mini-course.


Photo: Cerstin Jütte

What can you take away from the mini-course?

Discover the science and secrets of healing Kirtan.


Install a deeper level of connection and understanding of how the art of Kirtan can work for you and your loved ones.

Experience how to use Kirtan to start evoking balance and calmness into your mind and body cells.


Feel stillness, expansion and peace within your central nervous system and body.

Create a shift within 10mins with the healing sounds and resources that you can take away to use post the mini-course.


"Suni-ai dukh paap ka naas"

Through listening, all pains are dissolved.



Common frequently asked questions

Do I need any previous know-how to undertake this mini-course?

No previous know-how, no resources and no instruments required.


Who is this mini-course for?

 This mini-course is pefect for anyone wanting to understand how the Sikh Kirtan framework can be ultilised for increasing better health in an intentional and purposeful way to overcome specific challenges and desires.


How is the course presented?


This mini-course is largely text-based as we love to help you build your focus and slow down.

What will I get in this mini-course?

Guidance and instruction lessons sectioned in 3 steps for you to easily consume and understand along with tips, audio activities and healing sound track videos.

How long does the mini-course take to complete?

You can take it at your own pace and it can easily be completed within a few hours. There are 3 experiences and 2 activities which we recommend you give yourself time to feel the changes.


"Wow! Where do I start. I’m very blessed that on my spiritual journey I have found my path. Learning about Sikhi and its history. How sound and music play a major role In connection to the Divine Source of Oneness and healing of the mind, body & soul. The original instruments used to play Shabad. How vibration energy affects everyone And everything. My dad was a musician, and played the vibes. I use sound vibration and music in my energy-healing sessions for animals and people. How so crucial to understanding what vibrations to let or not into your sacred space. Thank you for this amazing opportunity to learn this wonderful art form of sound therapy/healing."

- Robin B.

"Sikh Music is more of a spiritual experience and has a specific purpose of enhancing the spiritual aspect of the listener and performer. The goal is to essentially have a better understanding of our mood, emotion, thoughts and essentially ourselves."

- Rupinder B.

"Everything was interesting, from beginning to end. We learn so much from the gurus and the raags they gave us."

- Harmanpreet S

"The realisation of my deep longing to express my soul through sound and that Sikh music might be a path to follow because of its ancient knowledge and experience."

- Coen T.

"Music has always been a healer to our emotions. it's amazing to connect sacred verses with these amazing tools like rhythm, instruments, raags in the form kirtan."

- Parkash S.

"Music has a powerful effect on the human mind. This is why the gurus chose to write their teaches as Shabads so that it influences us and also helps us understand what the Guru is trying to tell us."

- Gurkaran S.

Enhancing Connections

At Raj Academy, we believe in enhancing connections be it spiritually, mentally, physically or emotionally. It's through these special connections we gain the secrets to know ourselves on a deeper level. As the world's leading educational institution for Sikh Music to heal the mind, our mission is to inspire, empower and connect people to themselves through sound.

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