Calming the nervous system

Become the lotus floating above the ad hoc busyness of life, where you are in the situation but not affected by the situation.

Train your nervous system with 3 simple meditation techniques to enhance calmness, peace and clarity into your mind and body.

Access our popular sacred sounds track from our online trainings along with 3 training techniques to support a relaxed and calm mind.


Access Includes:

 ✓  FREE one 10min grounding sacred sounds meditation track

 ✓  3 meditation techniques to instil calmness, peace and stillness

 ✓  A tracker to capture your experience over 3 days

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"Bringing inner balance to your emotions is an important part of your journey to know yourself"

- Yogi of Sound Professor Surinder Singh

"A marvellous experience"

"It stirred me to clear my mind"


"Very relaxed and calm"

"Light and healed"


"A bit of peace of mind in my day"

"I felt good"

You're not alone

We carry a lot on our minds, even within a space of two minutes it races to remember everything on our to-do lists from work, our bosses, partners, children, that thing that needs to be picked up from the grocery store and a nudge every day about that email you haven't responded to yet.

The weight of pressure from these thoughts pulls us down, draining us mentally, emotionally and eventually physically.

Break the pattern by creating a diversion with this free meditation experience. Allow a new diversion path to be carved out offering you deep calmness, a wave of clarity and strong groundedness under your feet to take the next best steps for yourself in this moment.


How do sacred sounds meditation work?


We are using the ancient techniques from Sikh Music to bridge an emotional connection between the mental, emotional and physical state to bring calmness and stillness into the nervous system, respiratory system and the mind.


What you can take away from the techniques & track?

 ✓  Step out of your tensed mind and tap into your body

 ✓  Install a deeper level of calmness, peace and stillness

 ✓  Enable calmness to wash away any tension and stress you may carry

 ✓  Feel the expansion in your chest to breathe deeply and freely 

 ✓  Create a shift within 10mins to your nervous system


What you'll lose in the process?

  ✓  Reduce worry and stressful thoughts 

 ✓  De-escalate a panicked mind

 ✓  Reduce anxiousness in the breath and chest

 ✓  Release tension and tightness in your breath

 ✓  A day from stress

Access the meditation track and techniques from our trainings for FREE above.

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Success Stories

Each of our sacred sound tracks and compositions are produced for a specific purpose to re-install harmony in the mind and body.

"It helps me bring a state of calmness in my chaotic life"


- Dagmar, Germany

"It helps me to de-stress. It helps to keep me calm when I am stressed out, and after 10 minutes, I feel better."


- Akashdeep S., USA

"It has had a huge impact, I feel more grounded, it is my meditation."


- Simmerjeet Pannu, Canada

"It's wonderful and really I was searching for this. I find a peaceful and blissful state inside. My whole body was vibrating while listening. Thanks a lot."

- Gursewak Singh, India

Enhancing Connections

At Raj Academy, we believe in enhancing connections be it spiritually, mentally, physically or emotionally. It's through these special connections we gain the secrets to know ourselves on a deeper level. As the world's leading educational institution for Sikh Music to heal the mind, our mission is to inspire, empower and connect people to themselves through sound.

Learn more about Raj Academy here.


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