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Composing Life with Sacred Sounds

The true role of music is in the composition of life itself. It is the art of listening to reality and directing its expression in one’s own experience, for happiness, health, prosperity and fulfilment. The sound of emotion is the raw material of life’s music, and 500 years ago a master of this art, Guru Nanak, found a key to it in the Indian raag (raga) system. 

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Naad Yoga Teacher Training in the UK with Yogi Prof. Surinder Singh
Start our three-year intensive course with the Yogi of Sound this November.  Read more..



Workshop Series, Germany - Healing Through Sound
Each workshop is a prelude to our Sound Therapist training starting in Germany in January 2019. Locations: Radolfzell, Leipzig, Erfurt, Berlin, Mannheim.  Read more..



Be In Tune, Frankfurt
Workshop & Concert with Yogi Prof. Surinder Singh, followed by an information evening about the Sound Therapist training starting in January.  Read more..



Sound Therapist training in Germany
Start this practitioner course with Yogi of Sound Prof. Surinder Singh in Frankfurt in January 2019.  Read more..



Sound Therapist training in Spain
Start this practitioner course with Yogi of Sound Prof. Surinder Singh in Spain in February 2019.  Read more..

The Raj Academy WebSchool - LEARN MORE!

Guru Nanak broke the bond between spiritual reality and religion, teaching people from all backgrounds and simply calling them Sikhs, meaning students. The intention was not to create a religion, and it was only centuries later that the institution of ‘Sikhism’ began.

Raj Academy follows the path of practical wisdom revealed by Guru Nanak, enabling people from any walk of life to attain wellbeing and success through this conscious application of sound, which is called Naad Yoga, Sikh music or Gurmat Sangeet in different contexts. We teach across the world, including the UK, Germany, Spain, France, USA and Canada. 

Please explore our website to find out more about the many ways you can take part in our activities. We share this valuable teaching for the benefit of all, with no expectation of existing skill, to allow the composition of as many beautiful lives as possible into the future.

Sikh Music Documentary

Sikh Musical Heritage - The Untold Story

Building a bridge from past to present: the growth, demise and revival of Sikh music.

Our feature-length documentary had its world premiere at the Sikh International Film Festival in New York in December 2017.

We are now looking to arrange screenings in cities across the world, particularly in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia, to bring the story of Sikh music to as many communities as possible. If you would like to help facilitate a screening in your city, please visit www.sikhmusicalheritage.com and submit a 'Contact Us' form.

Find out more about the documentary.