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Raj Academy strives to make education of the highest quality available to all through the indispensable medium of shared human experience, which needs no translation.

The discipline we teach is an essential but widely ignored and forgotten part of humanity’s spiritual heritage. We encourage students to discover the treasure of the authentic practice of this art, known variously as Naad Yoga, Gurmat Sangeet and Sikh music. This means deploying raag according to the masters’ prescription and benefiting from the qualities of the original string instruments.

In propagating this wisdom, we aspire to heal and to realise the highest potential for a happy, healthy, prosperous and fulfilling life, to manifest a bountiful future for our children and to enable consciousness of the timeless essence of truth and love.

We are reaching our goal by training students all over the world in workshops and retreats, practical courses, academic education and ongoing development to the highest level. We aim to make a difference by safeguarding the preservation of this precious gift. The legacy we want to leave is a living science carried by awakened teachers, yogis, therapists, musicians and leaders for the sake of the best possible future.

*Photo Credit: Brian Rozman, Detroit, USA