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Sound Therapist training UK

Yogi Prof. Surinder Singh sitting on bench with Saranda, smiling, plus text 'Sound Therapist'

Course begins 27-28 June 2020, London

Understand the applied science of sound therapy and explore how deeply sound influences our emotions...

Using the techniques and practices of ancient Indian Naad Yoga, discover the power of sound, map the dynamics of your expression and experience your inner Naad.

This is a practitioner-focused programme. It gives you the opportunity to develop the healing capacity of your own voice and learn how to manoeuver your deeper listening skills. Listening, singing and silence are the three key elements for this.

Become the master of your thoughts. Learn the art of communication. Know what to say, when to say it and most importantly how to say it.

The course is designed for aspiring or existing sound therapists. It will enable you to gain an in-depth knowledge of the practical mechanisms of this discipline and master the composition of life. The techniques can be applied to yourself to heal and overcome your weaknesses, or they can be used to help and heal others.

We will take you on an intense journey of sound and emotion, working with the external and the internal body to achieve a balance between left and right brain, harmonising the flow of our logistic and creative patterns.

You will engage your physical and non-physical elements during this process, and will be given techniques to practise and master.

During your study you will have the opportunity to work with real case studies under guidance and to apply your knowledge. When knowledge becomes experience, only then will you begin to appreciate what sound can really do.

Join us on an exciting voyage of sound and experience to become a sound therapist.

Course Duration:

Three levels, each 12 months

Per level:
Four modules in person with Yogi Professor Surinder Singh (eight hours per module)
Nine monthly meetings with assigned tutor

Course Requirements:

No musical background or knowledge necessary
Will power to learn

Course Fee:

£200 per month for 12 months

Please read the terms and conditions for enrolment.

Course Structure

Level 1: 'Suniyeh' – master the techniques of listening
Level 2: 'Gaviyeh' – feel the power of your sound (healing voice)
Level 3: 'Anhad' – express what’s not there (break the boundaries)

Year 1: 'Suniyeh'


What is a sound therapist?
How does sound heal?
The art of listening

Sound and You:

  • The power of the ear
  • Tune your being
  • Know your drivers

Balance your left and right ear:

  • Pitch and rhythm within you
  • Prana and pulse

Sense & Sense-Ability
Raag and You
How to diagnose and treat with sound
Introduction to ayurveda and naturopathy
Three case studies

Year 2: 'Gaviyeh'

Feel the power of your sound
(Healing voice)

Year 3: 'Anhad'

Express what's not there
(Break the boundaries)

Each disease is a musical problem - its healing is a musical solution. The shorter and yet more complete the solution, the greater the musical talent of the physician.

Novalis, 'Universal Notebook'

Course begins in UK 27-28 June 2020

Location: to be arranged

For more information please contact Gagandeep Kaur: gagan(at)rajacademy.co.uk.

A minimum number of registrations is required for the course to run. In case there are fewer registrations than the minimum, Raj Academy reserves the right to cancel or postpone the course until two weeks before it is scheduled to take place.

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