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Prem - Song of the Soul

A series of concerts and workshops with Professor Surinder Singh in Germany

13 MAY

Interactive Concert (Dieburg)

Experience the deep connection between sound and emotion and learn about the eternal dance of soul and mind!

Location: Yogi-yogini, Lagerstr.11, Haus A, 64807 Dieburg

Also, at 17.30 there will be an introduction to the Sound Therapist training which will start in September 2017. Everyone who is interested is most welcome to attend. It will be a good opportunity to ask questions about the training and also to meet the teachers. Free entry!

Contact: Shivcharan Kaur: lomberg(at)rajacademy.com.

14 MAY

Kirtan & Workshop (Frankfurt)

Join us for a day of Celestial Sound at the Gurdwara Sikh Centre Frankfurt! We will start with Kirtan (a devotional concert) to turn our focus inwards and let our consciousness expand beyond the mundane, day-to-day workings of our mind. After a break there will be a workshop on traditional Sikh music, the origins of the instruments and the connection between Raags and Shabd... if those words don't have any meaning for you yet, don't worry - no previous knowledge is necessary and all the terms will be explained. Just come with an open mind and an open heart and enjoy the day!

Gurdwara Sikh Centre Frankfurt, Silostr. 64, Frankfurt, 65929
Free entry

Contact: Shivcharan Kaur: lomberg(at)rajacademy.com.

15 MAY

Concert (Mannheim)

A concert celebrating the beauty and emotional depth of an ancient Indian musical tradition! Listen to the sounds of rare stringed instruments and the enchanting voice of a gifted vocalist, composer and musicologist... an unforgettable experience!

Kammermusiksaal der Musikhochschule Mannheim, N7 18, Mannheim 68161
Free entry

Contact: Shivcharan Kaur: lomberg(at)rajacademy.com.

19 MAY

Concert (Minden)

Sacred sounds from ancient India in the beautiful church St Simeonis - an evening to remember! Shake off the trials of the week and recharge your spirit during this meditative concert. Dive deep into the flow of enchanting music created on rare Indian stringed instruments and the beautiful vocals of master composer, musicologist and yogi Prof. Surinder Singh.

Offene Kirche St Simeonis, Simeoniskirchhof/Weingarten, Minden, 32423

Contact: Jai Inder Kaur Brandt: info(at)anhad.de.

20 MAY

Workshop & Concert (Paderborn)

Naad Yoga and the magic of sound: take the next step in your personal development with tools and techniques that have been passed on through the centuries. Learn how to manage stress, transform negativity into positivity and develop your ability of conscious and compassionate communication in this intensive workshop. The workshop will be followed by a meditative concert, where you can dive deep into the flow of enchanting music created on rare Indian stringed instruments and the beautiful vocals of master composer, musicologist and yogi Prof. Surinder Singh... a perfect way to recharge your spirit!

Workshop 15:00-18:00
Concert 19:00-20:30
Ananda - Tracy Davis, Nordstr. 38, Paderborn, 33102
Workshop: €50, Concert: €15, Kombi - ticket for both events: €55

Contact: Tracy Davis: info(at)ananda-td.de.

21 MAY

Kirtan (Paderborn)

Kirtan is devotional music, performed to elevate mind and soul - it brings us in touch with the spiritual aspects of life and allows our consciousness to expand beyond the grind of daily duties, necessities and worries. Opening the heart to gratitude and compassion, Kirtan recharges the spirit in a gentle, loving way... Join us at Gurdwara Singh Sabha and enjoy - everyone is welcome regardless of faith or cultural background!

Gurdwara Singh Sabha, Friedrich-List-Str. 41, Paderborn 33100
Free entry

Contact: Major Singh: 0176 84 329 407

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