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Naad Yoga Teacher Training UK

A journey from stress to success: understanding how our emotional state is composed and then consciously converting negativity to positivity creates a happy and healthy life. The process is similar to the composition of music and Naad Yoga uses musical modes and our own emotions as raw material for personal development.

In this three-year programme, our focus is to prepare you for an experience of mastery in life. Tuning, listening, rhythm, singing, chakras, senses, emotional signatures, moods, composition and silence are the ten keys that will be used consistently.

We teach six instruments, bowed, plucked and percussion, used from ancient times as tools to build a spiritual bridge between body, mind and soul: Dilruba, Sarangi, Saranda, Rabab, Taus and Jori.

How does it work?
You progress through a combination of supported learning at home, classes in a group and intensive residentials. There's more information here.

Course requirements

  • You will need to be able to speak and understand basic English (there is usually translation support in classes for those who need it, and most students will have a tutor who speaks their native language).
  • You will need an internet connection for access to course materials.
  • You will need to purchase an instrument unless you intend to learn only singing. Even then, it is still preferable to learn an instrument as an invaluable support to your vocal progress. We recommend you to start with the Dilruba, which opens the way to all the others.
  • No previous knowledge of music or yoga is required.

Please look at the relevant pages of the Naad Yoga Teacher Training section of this website (under 'Naad Yoga' in the menu) for information on course fees and to register.

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