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Harmony, Frankfurt

flyer with picture of Yogi Prof. Surinder Singh teaching, plus text 'Einklang: Entdecke die heilende Kraft des Klanges'

Join us for an intensive workshop with Shivcharan Kaur and Niranjan Kaur and experience the powerful techniques of Naad Yoga. Learn how to tune in with your body, mind and soul and how to balance emotions and inner rhythms.

The workshop will be followed by a meditative concert with one of the last masters of Naad Yoga, Yogi Prof. Surinder Singh. Step into a new dimension of being, immersed in the universal sound current, and listen to the song of your soul.

16.00 – 17.30: Workshop with Niranjan Kaur & Shivcharan Kaur
18.00 – 19.00: Concert with Yogi of Sound Prof. Surinder Singh

The workshop and concert will be followed by a free talk about the Sound Therapist course starting in May 2019.

Workshop: 20€, Concert: 18€, both events together: 34€

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